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Sarah Smyth

Sarah Smyth is a PhD candidate at the University of Southampton, fully funded by the AHRC project Calling the Shots: Women and Contemporary Film Culture in the UK, 2000-2015.

Sarah Smyth is currently working on her PhD in contemporary British female filmmakers at the University of Southampton as part of the Calling the Shots project. She received her BA in English from the University of Southampton in 2013 where she was awarded a prize for Outstanding Dissertation. She received her MA in Critical Theory from the University of Sussex in 2014 where she was funded by the Chancellor’s Masters Scholarship. Sarah also works as a staff writer for feminist film website, Bitch Flicks, and a film columnist for homeware and lifestyle website, The Good Times Homestore.

Sarah is originally from London, and you can follow her on Twitter @sarahsmyth91

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